SMASHER “NO SLEEP” – Music video

Synopsis: The story of a music track.

Genre: Caper

Production Year: 2012

The video follows the life of a record producer as he goes from producing a track to going viral on the internet.

There are characters that pop up in the video that very much represent “grounded” London. We wanted a working class feel to the video.

Each character that the artist meets also mimes their lyrics in the video. The whole video was shot on Go Pro in 2012 so the tech was still very fresh and also incredibly difficult to sync up.

I was really keen to tell the story from the first person. The promo for “Smack by bitch up” by The Prodigy was a massive influence visually. We wanted to tell a sort of comedy caper that was a tongue in cheek look at London and in a way the independent music industry too.

Writer/Director: Adam Awni
Artist: Smasher feat Wretch 32, Black the Ripper, Loudmouth, Maverick Sabre