Synopsis: A single parent works to earn a living for her and her daughter.

Genre: Drama

Production Year: 2010

I wanted to tell a story about how far somebody would go to keep their family safe. So many low budget hip hop videos tend to be be of a stereotypical nature but I wanted to tell a vulnerable character story.

The artist tells the story as a sort of narrator whilst we see glimpses of the protagonists life.

The conditions of the night shoot were great in the fact that we shot snow, although with that came many obstacles such as lighting that failed at 4am!

The video won best music video in St Albans Film Festival, which was such a great confidence shift for the work that we’d done at the time. I ultimately wanted to tell the story of a strong character who wanted to protect her family, even at the cost of her own self. Luckily James (the track’s artist) was in agreement.

Writer/Director: Adam Awni
Artist: Reggiimental feat. Matt Henshaw