Synopsis: When Eric’s stash appears missing, a phone call ensues.

Genre: Crime

Production Year: 2017

There were some great spaces to shoot in that provided some excellent natural lighting.

The simplest reason that I wanted to make a crime film in another language was that I actually wasn’t very happy with my script being read in English.

Two people played the part of the protagonist due to the production process of the film. It started as experimental shots that formed into a short story.

I believe there is a slight prestige and authority of a film watched in another language. I feel that the audience can give you that little more extra attention to understand what is unfolding in the story.

Writer/Director: Adam Awni
Eric – Benoit Gouttenoire/Andrew Scarrott
Frank – Loic Bonnet
Lorrie – Gabriella Pond

Official selection:
Beeston Film Festival (Nominated Best Drama) – UK